Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mayport NAS, Jacksonville Florida

 With Pensacola behind us and a quick overnight stop at a Flying J, we landed (pardon the pun) at Pelicans Roost RV Park aboard Mayport Navel Air Station, Jacksonville Florida.

 We lucked out and scored a waterfront site for 3 days. What a view and since Sheryl and I had been here before, it has been 3 days of just relaxing and enjoying instead of running around and seeing the sights. The last couple of days has been kinda raining off and on, but not so bad that we haven't been able to sit out and watch the show unfold in front of us throughout the day. By show I mean, the Navel, Coast Guard and Civilian ships going in and out. Aircraft flying, dolphin and other creatures just going about their daily lives. I did manage to capture a few shots and there will be more posted in the gallery should you be so inclined.

Hope you enjoyed and Paul, that first shot was for you. Tomorrow (Friday) we'll be going to St Augustine for the night and showing our friends the Oldest City in the U.S. then on toward Miami for Thanksgiving with our Kids. For you Retired Military folks out there, if you never been to Mayport, it's one of those must stays if you are ever in the area. Make sure you spend several days as there's just so much going on right in front of you. That's it for now and we'll see you back here before long....................

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  1. Thanks, I loved the picture of a Coast Guard 210' Medium Endurance Cutter, probably the best riding cutter in the fleet. Amazing that it was built in the 1960s and still is out there doing its job.

    Mayport is our favorite military campground next to Key West. The military sure knows how to pick great spots for campgrounds!