Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Putting a Little Light on the Subject

 Running with an idea we got from a couple we met in Carthage, MO. (thanks again Jack and Mary) We went down to our local store and picked up a couple sets of LED XMas lights. We strung one set above the front cabinets and one set above our livingroom slide.

 Both strings connect together and make for some nice mood lighting. Later on we may replace the XMas style light with 12 volt LED Strips, which we will be able to hide much better, but just wanted to see how we liked it first.

 I had originally picked up a rope light for inside, but didn't like the way it laid. I was wondering what to do with it, when it hit me, how about outside. So after looking around and deciding how to mount it,

I ran it along the bottom of the outside storage area just behind the doors. With the storage compartments being made of plastic, I was able to use the mounting hardware that came with the lights. Now we have a little mood lighting outside with the added benefit of the stairs being lit.
These couple of simple and inexpensive mods sure make a big impact on the ambiance both inside the rig and out.
Just a quick, spur of the moment mod I want to share with everyone. It is still looking good for our departure on Friday. So, until next time..............................

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