Monday, November 9, 2015

Pensacola Florida and the Blue Angels Rec Area

 After a very enjoyable few days in Dallas, it was time to hit the road again and make a bee line for Pensacola Florida. Initially we were going to make this a three day trip, however, once we got going we pushed a little bit harder and made it in two. Arriving a day early, we hoped we would be able to get into the park as our reservations started the next day. Boy, did we luck out, there was a cancellation and it just happened to be one of the prime waterfront spots in the park!!! We jump at it and before we know it we were sipping drinks and soaking in the view. Now, of course this all could not have gone with out a hick-up that drove us crazy for a bit. You see we got all set up, I plugged the coach in and no park power?? hmmm this never happened before?? Ok, go back out and check the power pole, yup breaker is on, surge protector is showing power, hmmmmm?? Back inside check all breakers, open the elec area, look for lose wires, wiggle everything and still nothing, dang!!! Starting to get really aggravated, let me try one more thing. Back out to the pole, unplug the surge protector and plug the coach strait into the pole, Woo Hoo power to the coach!!! Turns out the surge protector went bad, thank goodness I have a back up, hooked it up and we were all good! Time to relax.

 Relax we did, walked down to the beach here on the bay and enjoyed a nice sunset.

 After a couple of days of relaxing and doing a whole bunch of nothing, it was time to get out. Dinner and music seem to fit the bill. We had heard the International Songwriters Festival was going on down on Perdido Key, sounded like fun and a nice date night out. First was dinner at the Flora-Bama Oyster Bar, good food with a great open are view.

 Then it was across the street to the bar area for some live music. Now we had never heard of this festival before and figured it was just going to be some local songwriters and bands. Boy were we wrong, these were the big name songwriters in the business, who have had many many popular songs to their credit. We we're lucky in the sense, that they were mostly country writers on this night and we knew most of the songs they had written and were playing. What made it special was to hear the back story to each of the songs and then hear it played and sung by the writers themselves.

It was a great night out for us. We have been to Pensacola before and have seen most all the sights, so this stay here is all about just relaxing and enjoying the area.
After our first day here (had reservations for a week) we liked the park and our spot so much we extended our stay another week...........ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Hard to believe we've been here a week already, Trying to decide on a route to Key West and how long we want to take to get there, man if I only had tough decisions like this to make when I was working..................retirement is good!!!

Ok, we're all caught now, so until next time....................................

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  1. Awesome campsite! After all the "fun" you've had lately, you deserve a win. :c)