Thursday, May 21, 2015

Upping the Comfort Level

Another project we wanted to accomplish while here in OKC was to finish updating and enhancing our comfort factor in the Motorhome. We were able to find a new couch in Carthage a couple of weeks ago, but now it was time to replace the recliner. The recliner, as well as the couch we had bought at Camping World about 1 1/2 years ago was really wearing poorly. You would think for what you pay for RV furniture it would be of better quality. I guess like most things in the RV world, they make it as cheap as possible. We learned our lesson on that, so off to the Lay-Z-Boy store we went for a real recliner. We knew we wanted a Rocker/Recliner that swiveled, but would also need to be small enough to fit in the space allotted. We told the sales lady what we were looking for and she was able to take us right to it. They had a wide variety of colors and features, however as luck would have it they had one that was just the color we were looking for with all the features we wanted. It was a little more than we budgeted for, but not by much, so it was a done deal!!! A couple of hours later and we were enjoying our new recliner, the level of comfort and quality is so much better than the RV stuff they sell. So if you are looking to replace you tired old furniture, go residential, it's worth it!!!
A couple of major projects are on the horizon for next week, we will be getting our Jacks fixed along with having our awning replaced that was damaged in the latest Oklahoma storm. So until then or sooner.....................................

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