Monday, May 25, 2015

Hotel California or so it Seems

Being here in OKC sometimes reminds me of the Eagles song, Hotel California, where you check in but can never check out! We had plans to leave today (Monday) go down and have our jacks fixed and a new awning installed or the beginning of those anyway. However two things seemed to interfered with those plans 1) the weather, major flooding in the area of our RV guy and 2) what seemed to be a simple case of sensitive teeth has now turned into a Root Canal for yours truly. The weather, well, it is what it is, and the repairs can wait. My tooth on the other hand raised it ugly head on Friday and has been killing me ever since and to the point of calling my dentist for an emergency appointment on Sunday. Thinking it was just a cavity that appeared, turned into the need for a Root Canal and in its location he is referring me to a specialist to have it taken care of this week. In the mean time, pain meds and antibiotics. A fun week ahead!!!
So we extended our stay here another week, hopefully that will give the area our RV guys works out of  a bit of time to dry out.

Another item we picked up this week is another air compressor. We had the same model as this one, but had left it behind with Sheryl's brother during our farmhouse siding project, since we had to leave early. We just called it part of our contribution to the cause. I really don't like being with out one as they are very handy when needed. We had a smaller one at one time, which worked great on the 5th Wheel tires, however on the motorhome tires, not so much. Since we run our tires at 100 -110 psi this 150 psi, 6 gallon compressor fits the bill nicely. Light weight and compact it stores well underneath. Some may ask why carry that extra weight when you can just check and fill your tires at about any truck stop? Well we learned how handy one was about a year and a half ago. While travelling through middle of nowhere Arkansas, we discovered one of our rear tires somehow lost air down to 20 psi and was screaming hot. Well instead of calling out and waiting who know how long for roadside service, I just pulled out the compressor, fired up the generator and in a short while we were on our way again. Now for those folks in a diesel pusher, they normally have one on board for the air bags and brakes, but for us gassers, having one sure is handy.
By the way Happy Memorial Day to all!!! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and don't forget to take a moment to remember our fallen. The sacrifices our Military Men and Women make, allow us the freedom to live this wonderful lifestyle we call Full Time RVing.
That's it for now, so until next time............................

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