Sunday, May 3, 2015

New Tech for Old Schoolers

We have been threatening for a while now to upgrade our old, old phones for something newer and more advanced. We did have a Galaxy S3, but the other was quite old. So, yesterday was the day, we headed over to the Verizon Store to see what they had and we came away with 2 Galaxy S5's. Much more phone than we need, but the processor is faster, the camera better and the screen is a tad larger for our old ailing eyes.
I remember before we ever had a smart phone and our daughter was trying to tell us about all they could do for us while out on the road. We balked a little, but finally gave in and she was right, it's the one piece of technology you never knew you couldn't live without!
I know not much of a post, but a pretty big deal for us old school phone users.  Adding to the new phones we were also able to drop our current phone plan charges by $40.00, now that's a deal!!!

That's it for now and we'll see ya next time..................................

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