Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Carthage, MO

 We left OKC Monday, after a quick oil change at the Base Auto Hobby Shop and landed in Carthage, MO. and the Big Red Barn RV Park. I must give a quick shout out to the park and it's owners. The park is very nice and they also give a 30% Military Discount!!! OK, I know, I know, I said we were headed to a state park in Oklahoma. Well there's a method to our madness. You see Sheryl has been wanting a new and more comfortable couch and chair for the motorhome. We had just bought the ones we have last year and they are already falling apart.

 Well after a little searching, we ran across Colaw RV Surplus in Carthage, MO. Their website boasted a wide selection of pre-owned RV Furniture, so we thought we'd stop by since it wasn't that far out of the way. They did have a large selection, but only one that we liked, so out came the ole card and we were driving back to the RV park with a new couch and I must say it looks great in the rig.

 We also ran across a couple of unique set ups that we had never seen before. First was this truck camper and trailer. As you can see, the trailer is made to mimic a wooded backyard deck, It also has a canopy that can be put up for those hot days and a matching wood walkway over the trailer tongue. The best thing is nothing has to be removed for travel!!! How's that for thinking outside the Box.

 Speaking of outside the box, or outside something anyway, was this little contraption I ran across while photographing downtown Carthage. I also happened to meet the own of said contraption, He calls it a Quadyak or as he explained, an amphibious bicycle, and yes, it actually works!!! The owner saw me wandering the streets taking pictures, so he stopped and we chatted about photography for a bit, He also happened to be a one time Fulltime RVer, but found it wasn't for him. Interesting gentlemen to say the least.

Not really much going on other than that, so I leave you with a few shots of Downtown Carthage.

Tomorrow we head out to Natural Falls State Park for a few days with some of our kids and grand kids. Should be a fun time and we are both looking forward to it. Ok, I'll end it at that and we will see next time from the State Park........................................