Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Oklahoma Tornadoes and Named Website of the Day!!!

After spending a nice week with family it was time to return to OKC for the last of the doctor appointments. Upon returning and after chatting with a few of the folks here in the park, we found out we were very lucky to have been away during the recent storms here. Luck was on the side of the base and the FamCamp again, as a tornado struck another RV Park just a couple of miles away. This is also the park we would stay at if the base park happened to be full. The entire park was destroyed, 17 people decided not to take refuge in the tornado shelter and 7 of those ended up in critical condition at the hospital and one did not make it. If you plan on visiting Tornado Alley in the Spring make sure you take all warnings seriously!!!
As a tip: Have a bug out bag at the ready. We have one which contains all our important paaperwork we may need and or would be difficult to replace. We also keep a couple of changes of clothes and some extra food for Scrappey, just in case. Always wear long pants and good shoes (not sandals), if potentially bad weather could strike while you are asleep, make sure you have these items laid out. Mainly for us Fulltimers, imagine coming out of the shelter and your RV is gone, take what you think you will want/need.  

On a happier note, we received a comment on our Facebook page from a lady telling us she found or blog via a Daily RV Newsletter. She did not specify which one, so I went in search of and found it. The newsletter is published by RVTravel.com and we are one of the very few, if any Fulltime RV Blogs that they publish as Web Site of the Day. Needless to say that made us feel pretty darn good! If you would like to check out the edition with us in it please click HERE. They also wrote a nice intro for our site,
WEBSITE OF THE DAY: Lovin Our Life Adventures 

A Blog from Kevin and Sheryl, Full-Timers and accomplished photographers with great information for RVers on places to visit as well as tips and tricks they've learned along the way. Includes lots of beautiful and interesting photos.

We will be here in OKC for 2 weeks to let Sheryl heal from her back procedure and incase the doc needs to see her again before we leave. We want to thank all of you that follow along on our adventure, it make the blog worth doing. We'll that's it for now and we'll see you fine folks back here next time................................


  1. First here is hoping everything goes well for Sheryl.
    Congratulations on your being given such a distinct honor. Keep up the writing. (Didn't want to call it work though sometimes it feels like it.)
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks and she's doing fine now.

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