Monday, September 29, 2014

Trails and Rails the Final Chapter. The Rail

 After our trip through the high mountains and a filling lunch it was time to catch the train home. The train however is not your ordinary modern one, this is 1800s Narrow Gage Steam Locomotive and cars. The Railroad was built to bring gold and silver ore from Animas Forks to Durango for processing. Once the mines closed down the tracks were removed between Animas Forks and Silverton, now the train is used to haul tourist and goods between Silverton and Durango. Sheryl and I thought it would be fun to catch a ride on this piece of history and her birthday was the perfect opportunity.

 Sheryl patiently waiting in the train car as I run around getting some last minute pictures before departure.

 The train follows the Animas River out of Silverton with high cliffs to one side.

 And the river to the other. The scenery was amazing as you can see.

 Being a steam engine we did actually have to stop for water part way there.

We had a great day out and did some very unique things for her birthday and one she won't soon forget.
Tomorrow we leave our little slice of heaven here in Colorado (actually the park is closing for the season) and travel into New Mexico. The weather was great for most of our stay, cool mornings and highs in the 70s, sure beat the 90s and 100s we escaped. We'll be heading down to desert area of Aztec, NM, only about 50 miles but a world away from the San Juan Mountains. We have reservations for a few days to allow us to check out the Aztec Ruins National Monument before continuing west.
Thanks for following along and we'll see you next time from, Hopefully Sunny, New Mexico.

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  1. We love trains and this one has been on our list for a long time. Thanks for the preview of what we can expect (and enjoy!).