Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Staying Another Month

 Yesterday we took a ride down the mountain to Bayfield and spent the day with Sheryl's cousin Lillian. She showed us around the backroads of the area and also to visit her brother down by the New Mexico border. It was an enjoyable day as most are here in this beautiful area. Speaking of beautiful areas, we decided that we like it here so much that we extended our stay for another month!!! The weather is perfect and we are in no hurry to get down into the desert heat of Monument Valley (our next stop along the way).
Below are a few more reasons for our decision to stay a bit longer.....enjoy.

 Of course I had to sneak in a shot of my beautiful bride amongst the high mountain wildflowers.

Storm a brewing over Vallecito Lake

A short entry with a few shots just to say we are staying put. So until next time, We'll see you back here soon!!!

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