Friday, September 19, 2014

Million Dollar Day Out

 Along the Million Dollar Highway that is. U.S. 550, (nicknamed the Million Dollar Highway) begins as you travel north out of Durango, CO. This day Sheryl and I took the 550 for 70 miles from Durango to the small mountain town of Ouray, with a stopover in Silverton. The Hwy begins as four lanes for several miles.

 Then narrows to two lanes, sometimes with shoulder, sometimes not, but most always with at least a few hundred foot drop off.

 You will travel over Red Mountain Pass (named for the iron stained Red Mountain) and make your way through and by the Yankee Girl Mine. The Mine was the largest along the 550, now it is just one of many abandoned mines in the area.

 What's left of the Yankee Girl Mine town.

 Not long after the mine, you begin the decent into Silverton. Originally built to support the many mines in the area, is now mainly the beginning of the hundreds of miles of Jeep and Hiking trails in the surrounding mountains.

 Heading north out of Silverton you pass by this old abandons mine building.

 Being Fall the Aspen Trees were in full Fall dress.

 About half way between Silverton and Ouray, the mountain become more rugged (notice the lack of guardrails)

 Bear Creek Falls runs under the Hwy just before entering Ouray.

 Ouray is another small town nestled in a beautiful valley. The town is the northern entrance to the Alpine Loop Jeep Trail area.

 Another abandon mile along the  route. Missed it on the way north, but noticed it as we headed back.

 Somewhere behind those glowing mountains lies our RV, yes we still have a bit of a drive home.

The sun was going down and some dark clouds started moving in. This scene presented it 'self to us as we rounded a corner and I just had to get the shot.

The route is beyond words to describe it's beauty and definitely one of the most scenic drives in the country. Should you ever find yourself in this part of he country, it is a must do. That being said, it is very steep with many tight turns, not recommended for large RV travel, unless you have a diesel with plenty of power and a exhaust brake.
Thanks for coming along on our adventure and we'll see you right back here next time.

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  1. Perfect timing to see those Aspens starting to turn to their fall colors!