Sunday, September 28, 2014

Trails and Rails, Part Two. Animas Forks Ghost Town

 Continuing one from part one, we descended into the old mining ghost town of Animas Forks deep in the San Juan Mountains. The town began in the 1870s and continued until 1910 when the gold mining operation was no longer profitable. Animas Forks is believed to be one of the best preserved ghost towns in the country and is worth the trip to see it.

Preservation of the town is ongoing, it is not being changed in any way, only general upkeep and repairs as necessary to preserve it's history. The town is reachable by 2wd vehicles from Silverton, however the closer you get the rougher the road becomes, you just have to be careful and drive slow.
From Animas Forks our tour was almost complete, an easy drive back into Silverton along CR 2 and past some still amazing scenery.
One arriving back in Silverton, it was a leisurely lunch with new friends as we awaited the next leg of our adventure. So stay tuned and we'll wrap up Sheryl's big day out in our next post.

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