Friday, May 30, 2014

Missouri and the Wilson Creek National Battlefield

  We entered Missouri around noon or so yesterday with a vague plan to make it into the Springfield area. We also decided to forgo the main highways and stuck mainly to the back roads. My plan was to stop along the way if we saw anything really interesting to look at or photograph, however that's easier said then done on small country roads with no shoulder or pull offs for a motorhome and connected toad. So we just enjoyed the scenery and pressed on. We did however stop in Old Town, MO. and shot this cute little post office. One of the locals saw me snapping the pictures and said "your taking a picture of our post office?" I explained to her I enjoy shooting old and unique buildings. She then proceeded to tell me about an even smaller post office in town! That would have been great, however it just happened to be a bit out of our way, and you can't just whip in and out of places with an RV, I thanked her for the chat and we moved on down the road.

 We ended up calling it a day in Ozark, MO. just south of Springfield, at the Ozark RV Park. We paid for 2 days as Sheryl wanted to visit the Wilson Creek National Battlefield. We got up Friday morning and headed over to the Battlefield. The Battle for Wilson Creek is mainly known for being the first major battle of the Civil War west of the Mississippi River and also for the first Union General to be killed in action during the Civil War.

 This home belong to the Ray family who just happened to be caught in the middle of the battle. the Family took refuge in the cellar as the battle raged around them. When it was over and both army's had retreated the area, the family emerged to find hundreds of wounded soldiers from both sides on and around their property. Their home quickly became a makeshift hospital for the wounded.

 One of the several areas the battle took place.

 Confederate Cannons of Guibor's Battery located on the crest of "Bloody Hill"

Union Cannon at Totten's Battery.

Sheryl is really interested in historical Civil War locations, so this was a great place to visit for her. As an added bonus to the visit, she talked with the site librarian who researched and gave her some family history from her past Missouri relatives.
Tomorrow we are off toward Western Missouri/Eastern Kansas making our way north up the border. So until then......................


  1. Interesting battlefield, great that so many Civil War locations have been preserved for visiting.

  2. I grew in Republic Missouri just minutes from here!