Sunday, May 4, 2014

Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge, OKC, OK.

 On the eastern side of the OKC metro area is Lake Overhoslster, and OKC's primary reservoir. The lake is fed by the North Canadian River and therein lies the Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is approximately 1000 acres and extends for several miles along river to the north of the lake. The lake and refuge is popular boating and fishing area, however, even though it was one of the first beautiful weekend days this year, there were surprisingly few boaters/kayakers out along the river.

 Being I headed out in the middle of the days, this guy was about all the wildlife I saw.

 This part of the North Canadian river seemed to have more than it's fare share of downed trees, many right in the middle.

There are a few smaller off shoots of various lengths from the main river, a calm break from the larger water.

It sure felt good to get the kayak back in the water again, considering it's was last fall since we had them out. This was a solo trip however, as por Sheryl has been fighting a bad intestinal bug that has been going around here and really kicking everyone's butt. Sheryl has a follow up with one of her doctors on Friday and that will determine when we head out, either Sunday as scheduled or later. Hopefully she'll be cleared and we can getaway from here for a few weeks before returning for another quick check up again.

So until next time....................

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