Friday, May 23, 2014

Gilbert AR. and Beyond

 Gilbert AR. is just a memory now as we have moved on up the road to Cotter AR. We really enjoyed the very small town atmosphere, all the towns people were very friendly and we would stay there again without hesitation. Gilbert is by far the smallest town we have ever stayed in, pop 33 and the five dogs that took up residence on the shade covered streets, yes you had to drive around them.

                                 It's a dogs life in Gilbert hanging outside the General Store.

 The local cafe made one of the best Club Sandwiches I've ever eaten.

 A small creek run just outside of town.

Rural Arkansas.

We are now at the Denton Ferry RV Park in Cotter AR. It's located right on the White River which we were hoping to get a kayaking on. A minor hiccup in lans arose when Sheryl threw her back out yesterday morning while getting the rig ready for travel. I think I'm rubbing off on her as she did it picking up (of all things) a pillow. Well, heres to hoping for a speedy recovery as there are too many things she wants to do and see while we are here in the Ozarks.
Thats it for this installment, so we'll see you next time right back here.

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