Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ft Scott, KS.

 Saturday we moved on up the road from the Springfield area to Nevada MO. Our original plan was to stay in Ft Scott KS. for a couple of days and visit the National Historic site there. However once we arrived we checked out the 2 RV parks in the area, neither of which were worth staying in. One was contained in the local city park, very nice except for the RV area and the other was a very run down old KOA out on the edge of town. After being disappointed in both we set our GPS to get us back into town and that's where the fun began. It seems the folks at Google do have a sense of humor when it come to route planning. So we had quite the tour of backroads/dirtroads Kansas before running across a couple stopped at a little stream crossing who gave us proper directions back into town. By then we were a frazzled and just wanted to stop for the night, we ended up coming back over into MO. to the nearest real RV park......whew, what a day!!!

 After a day off from doing much of anything (except laundry) Monday we headed over to visit the Ft Scott National Historic Site. Ft Scott was one of several forts built in the 1800 as our country grew and folks started to head west. This fort was built mainly to keep the peace between the various Indian tribes that were relocated to the Kansas area. It was also used in the Civil War as a training base for the Union.
Once again the Nation Park Service did a great job in preserving this old historic site. The main Welcome Center is the old hospital.

 Up stairs from the Welcome Center is a replica of the how the hospital would have looks in it's day.

There are several buildings within the grounds, all very well preserved and the grounds themselves well manicured. After our time at the site, we headed back to the RV park via Wal Mart for some much needed supplies. While at Wal Mart we took a look at some of their new computers, seems our 10 year old ones are beginning to show there age with one crashing already. We were surprised to see a pretty good selection at very good prices and a couple at prices we just couldn't pass up! So we left the store with a bouncing new baby Dell laptop to bring home. This is so much nicer having a new fast computer that actually works.....ahhhhhh.
Today we are off to Topeka, KS to attend one of Sheryl's nieces wedding this weekend. She offered to let us park at here house with electric and water, so we'll see how that goes when we get there. So until next time.................................... 

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