Wednesday, May 28, 2014

White River Kayaking

We came to Cotter Arkansas after we left Gilbert specifically to Kayak the White River and of course for a change of scenery. However with Sheryl's back being out we were wondering if she was going to be able to do it. Well after a few days it began to heal and feel a little better each day. While not being completely healed and still a bit sore, she decided it was time to hit the water! 

 We entered the White River at Wildcat Shoals, off Denton Ferry Rd. and paddled the river for approx 2 hours back to the RV park. Once again the park owners were great and drove us to the put in area and drove our Jeep back to the RV park.

 Along this stretch of the river, the western side is mainly wilderness, while the eastern bank is mainly homes.
The water is crystal clear along the entire river, making for even more beautiful scenery below us.

 A thick layer of fog blankets the river from early morning to mid afternoon and and can make for some eerie forms as it's clearing.

 In several places along the river, there are boulders and rock fields that stretch across the entire river, making for some interesting navigation. Here is Sheryl stuck on one of those rocky areas lying just below the water. She did quite well getting herself unstuck using the ole scooting method I showed In all fairness, I ran aground also in the same area, but was lucky enough to get unstuck first and able to get the picture.

 Floating along into the river mist.

 Sheryl enjoying the slow current carrying us downstream.

Yours truly always looking for the next shot.

Like the Buffalo river, the White is a great paddle. For all you fishermen out there, the White River is touted to be one of the best Trout fishing rivers in the U.S. We saw many people fishing and talked to folks here at the park that had caught their fair share each day.

Tomorrow we leave and start making our way toward Topeka KS. for the wedding. We are still trying to decide which route to take through MO. We are wanting to avoid Branson, so may just putt along the back roads and see what we can run across. So until then..............................