Thursday, January 17, 2013

Physical's a Family Affair


Sheryl has been going to Physical Therapy for about a month now and her back seems to be responding well to it. She chose PT over the spinal shots that just seemed to be a temporary fix. Now the family affair part, it seems New Years for me didn't start off to well. I woke up New Years Day with  what seem to be a stiff neck, that happens from time to time, just figured I slept wrong and it would go away soon. As the days progressed, things just seemed to get worse, causing severe pain in several muscles in my back and right arm, so an appointment was made with my primary care doctor. X-Rays were taken and a referral was given for Physical Therapy. I have been going for a week now and it's beginning to work a little, but it seems you just don't unpinch a pinched nerve. So it seems we may end up staying here in OKC for a little longer than we had planned.
Ok, now the frustrating part. I can understand if I was out doing some fun activity (hiking, biking, hang gliding, etc) but NO, I was sleeping!!! Really!!! Oh well, guess we do what we have to do. So we'll both keep going until we're healthy enough to travel and enjoy it.
That's it for now, until next time, keep Lovin Your Life as we Do Our's, even if it hurts a little more right


  1. If it were me, I'd have said I did it while sleep walking. A little less embarrassing...

    Hope you get up to full speed quickly. It's tough to get old. ;c)

  2. If I were in Sheryl's place, I would also choose to undergo physical therapy over the spinal shots, even if it would take me months till I get cured. I wouldn't expect to recover immediately, or for the whole process to finish soon, because I know recovery always takes time.

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