Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bum Toe


Well, if there's one thing that comes with old age, that's old toes and it seems I have two of them. One of my smaller toe nails has become all jacked up over the years and finally started to be pretty painful. With the help of the Podaitrist I tried topical gels to help correct the problem, but it seems the shape of my foot won't let it heal properly, so it was time for it to go.

Sparing you the gorey details, here's the finished product, all rapped up and ready to go. Just have a few weeks of healing and it'll be back to normal, minus one toe nail.
We just walked in from a bit of a scare. I left this post half done and headed to the doctor, she had called and wanted to see me right away. I had an X-Ray done of my neck last week and when she got the results, saw a dark mass on my left lung!!! The mass was toward the bottom of the film so difficult to make out exactly what it was. Well a second X-Ray was taken and it was all clear (thats good) but she'll have the Radiologist take a look at it anyway. I'll also be going in for a complete MRI scan of my back and trunk, nee to find out whats causing the pain in my neck (no, it's not and to clear up any questions about the lung.
Ok, if this is what getting older is like, I think I've had enough, time to go back a few years and maintain a holding pattern there!!!
In the mean time, take care and we'll see you right back here before long.

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  1. Oh man, Kevin! That toe problem had to be on your driving foot, so there's no way you can get rolling anytime soon.

    That was quite a scare with that X-Ray, glad it was a fluke. Hope the MRI gets to the bottom of the pain issue.

    Why is it that when you finally get to retire, you start to fall apart? I'm in that boat, too. :c(