Monday, February 13, 2017

Food and Fun

 The calm before the storm as they say, or in this case just the calm. Our week started out with this amazingly still calm morning. Great for beauty, bad for dry camp as no breeze makes for a sticky hot sleep, but we're not complaining as this very seldom happens.

 A couple days later, the campground hosted a International Food Pot Luck. Spaghetti and ham was provided and everyone was asked to bring a side dish. Wow, I don't think we've seen so much food in a very long time. It also looked like half the park came out.

 We claimed a table along with several of our friends and let the feasting begin!!! It was a great time and some really great food.

 Last night, the Sunset lounge here on base hosted a couple of talented RV'ers. The sang some really good classic rock tunes and turned out to be pretty darn good!!!

 Of course a selfie for the occasion was in order.

Even the bad weather here in the keys can be beautiful. I went out to shoot the sunset as this rain storm blew by just east of us. Not much in the way of clouds in the west for the sunset so the thunderheads picked up all that great light.
We got our notice to move to full hook ups tomorrow, 3 days early, that's not to bad and alas, the spell was broken, no water front site this time, however the next best thing, but more on that later. We will also be working on our last 2 weeks here in paradise, we are heading up the road (as they say) on the March 1st. Going to Miami to visit our son for a few days and to see our newest grand daughter, so looking forward to that!
So that's all the news from here in the keys and we'll see you next time.

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  1. Don't eat all the food before we get there tomorrow! Leave a little bit for us. ;c)