Thursday, February 2, 2017

Big Bingo Winners!!! and Keeping Entertained

 This weeks highlight was the ladies winning big at bingo!!! The Coast Guard Chiefs Mess hosts Tuesday night bingo, so Sheryl and a couple of her friends decided to go. We husbands went also, but held down the bar while the girls played. The girls all shared cards and agreed to share any winnings, the final game came and wouldn't you know Sheryl's friend won the big jackpot. The jackpot was shared and a couple of happy campers walked away with big smiles.

 We got lucky one day and we awoke to no breeze at all, bad for dry camping, good for kayaking out on the open water. The water was like glass and made for a great morning paddle.

 Key West hosted their yearly Key West Arts and Crafts Fair, I took the bike downtown just to check it out. Turned out to be your standard craft show, nothing exciting.

 After checking out the craft show, I tooled around town for a bit and ran into a fellow RVer from the base,ending up at Willy T's on Duval St, listing to some great music.

 And then Winter hit, the cold front blew through bringing rain and arctic temps in the 70's. We toughed it out for the day and lived to tell about it!!!

 One of the friends we made here is a chain saw carver from Washington State. The other day he was talked into giving a demonstration of his skills. He is quite the talented guy and caved a couple of bears out of a piece of driftwood and a 4x4.

 The proud PaPa and his creation.

 Sheryl decided she needed her teeth cleaned, so we found a dentist here in Key West. Just had to post a shot of their office as it is so Key West.

Yesterday the wind died down abit, so out came the kayaks again. This time we headed over to the Mangrove tunnels by the Key West airport. It been since last year the I kayaked through them and they are still just as amazing to do. The tunnels are a 1/4 to 1/2 mile long and in many places only an arms width across but no wider than you see in the pictures, and only a couple of feet deep. One tunnel takes you out to a large salt flat area by the airport where you can explore for as long as you want. Another tunnel takes you back out to the canal and back to the put in. It was a fun few hours and we had a great time.
That's another week or so in the bag, staying busy and just enjoying life. The weeks ahead are filled with things to do here in the park, so we'll be picking and choosing our poison. So until next time........................................

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  1. Don't use up all the fun, leave some for us. Hope to get there around the middle of the month. Keep a spot open! :c)