Monday, February 20, 2017

Change in Plans and Just Having too Much Fun!!!

First our change in plans. As I have been posting, we were due to leave Key West on March !st and begin our adventure northward. Sheryl has a Local Doctor here (for as much time as we spend here) and he suggested she have a local Cardiologist also (just in case). He put in a referral and an appointment was made just meet him and begin a history (again, just in case). The appointment went well, ok more than well, Sheryl described her history and some of the current and past issues she has been having, including her suggested treatments.  Now we are not saying she was receiving poor care in OKC, but the doctor here was very concerned, that what we were telling him just didn't add up and believed there could be a better course of treatment. He seems to be very, very knowledgeable and made a lot of sense. So long story short, he has ordered several cardiac tests which will take a few weeks to complete and get on a course of treatment. Anyway we will be staying in Key West for a little longer (not like that's a bad Ok, now on to the fun stuff!!!

 We helped one of our friends celebrate her birthday. starting with a get together at their place for cake and drinks (yes drinks and is Key West after all), then a night on the town.

 The night on the town started with a Drag Queen Show at the Aqua Lounge on Duval St. (now we can truly say we've experienced Key The show it'self wasn't all that great, but our little group made it a really fun time.

 The arctic February weather here has been, so brutal in fact, we had to break out the floaty's to cool off.

 What better way to end a day of floating in the Gulf, than listening to a little live music out on the lawn at the Sunset Lounge here on base.

 The weekend also brought the monthly base Craft/Yard sale. I, of course offered up several photos of the local area and did pretty good, making 9 sales.

After the Craft sale, we put some of our earning to good use, dinner out with friends at a great little pizza place just off Duval St. The Pizzas and the Calzone we had are cooked in a real wood fired oven and just added that extra dimension of flavor (very good).
So that was this week, here in Key West and as said several more to go. As you can tell we are really enjoying our time here and are looking forward to several more weeks of great weather and fun with friends. See Ya Next time!!!


  1. We are thrilled with the pictures we bought from you, they'll look great on our new home's walls. Wish I had an eye for photos like you have, all I seem to get is closeups of my thumb... :cD

  2. Glad you are Enjoying the Keys.
    We wanted something different but truly miss the Warmth and Colours of the Keys.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.