Monday, February 6, 2017

Busy Weekend

 Quite the busy weekend we had. That's one thing we can say, there always seems to be something going on here at the base or in town to keep you entertained during these frigid winter months here in Key West. Friday night started out with a little star gazing. A couple here in the park are really into astronomy, so they broke out their telescopes and invited everyone to stop by and view the night sky. It was a pretty cool experience, with the best view being of the moon. You can always see the numerous craters, but this time you could actually see the mountain ranges.

 The Sunset Lounge here on base (right on the water) is under new management, and with that, much improved entertainment. This weekend they brought in a really good local classic rock band. They played for 4 hours and we all had a great time.

 Sunday of course brought Super Bowl Sunday and what kind of super bowl would it be with out a party, so of course one was in order. One of our friends in full hookups hosted this years extravaganza! The food was great and the adult beverages were flowing. Oh and the wasn't bad Thanks Steve and Deb.

 This weekend was also the Ft Zachery Taylor State Parks Civil War Days. A civil war camp was set up inside the fort with period actors, displays, canon battles, etc.

 The camp was very realistic.

 We seemed to get our times mixed up as we though we would get to see the ship to shore naval battle, alas, we were to late. However we did get to see the can cannon battery fire on the Disney Cruise ship as she sailed by, that'll teach the ole mouse to invade Key West!!!

A couple of photos I processed to give that period look.

Thank goodness it's Monday so we can relax......whew!!! Now to see what next week brings, so until then..................................

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  1. How dare they fire on our favorite cruise line!

    PS: Sent you an email.