Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Laundry List Starts

 It's been a pretty busy week here in OKC and most of it self inflicted. I figured we would be here for a bit so I made a laundry list of things I wanted to accomplish. First was to get the front end of the Jeep aligned, as I noticed the left front tire wearing more on the inside. Simple enough, find a shop, make appointment, show up on time, wam bam and were done. Not so fast there tiger, you see the uneven wear on the other tires also, that's a sure sign of worn out shocks and struts, well heck, that's not good. I know from research that the factory front suspension components were weak, so it made sense, go ahead and change them out, oh and use high quality shocks and struts too, we are going to be keeping her for a while, Done! A little (ok a lot) lighter in the wallet but done.

 Next was to tackle the mess that has become the under bay storage areas. These shots were of just the ones under the living room slide, but all were cleans and organized. Over the years they can become quite a mess. Everything out, get rid of what you don't need or haven't used or foresee using, organize and replace.

 Another item checked off the list.

 Next the Jeep, seems I managed to drive the motorhome W/Jeep connected through something on the way here from Wisconsin. Kind of a brown liquid substance that has gotten all down the lower portion of the right side of the motorhome and Jeep. Washing and scrubing didn't work to remove it, so thought I'd give waxing a try. Well low and behold it worked with a little elbow grease and now we have one nice and shinny Jeep! After beating my brains for a few days I think I figured out the mysterious substance. While driving through a work zone on one of the interstates, I remembered a sign that said fresh oil on road and from the looks of it, I believe I found my culprit. So now the list is another item shorter.

 And of course where is my darling wife during all this back breaking labor...............yup, enjoying the nice weather and a cold daiquiri while working diligently on baby blankets for our pending (still in the oven) new grandbabies.

Ok, bad selfie, buy somebody in this picture (not me) had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. So a nice birthday steak was in order at our favorite steakhouse, along with presents of course. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!

Still lots more on the list so I'll get to it and let you know how they turn out, so until next time...............................


  1. I want to hire you to clean out and organize my basement storage. That way with the money I pay you, you can re-inflate your wallet a bit... :c)