Saturday, October 24, 2015

Great News!!!

First off, we have Great News!!! (well, for us anyway) One of the main reasons we came back to OKC and ended up staying longer than planned, was a medical condition Sheryl was really worried about and needed a second opinion on. We were referred to a second doctor, who ran several tests and a follow up to discuss the results. Well, the results all turned out very good and much better than either of us thought, Woo Hoo!!! Sheryl still has the condition, but it is nothing to worry about now and we can begin our journey south. So we'll be leaving OKC this Friday!!!

 Sheryl hasn't just been sitting around doing nothing mind you, she has been a busy girl working on baby blankies for our soon to be born grand children. Sheryl ensures each grandchild receives a hand made blanket to keep as a heirloom and of course be used! This particular one turned out really soft and cuddly, heck I mite even have to keep that one for

As we were out and about town yesterday, I just had to stop and get a shot of this sign. Makes you wonder, don't people stop and think, even just a little before they name something. It just struck us as funny when we first saw it.

Ok, just a quick update, I was so happy I just had to let the good news out, so we'll be off and running before long. Ok, until next time.....................................

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  1. That really is great news! So glad things have worked out well. :c)