Monday, August 17, 2015

Outside Upgrades

 I know it's been a bit since our last posting, but the lack of a WiFi had a lot to do with it. We've been quite busy the last couple of weeks with getting our new awning installed and finally getting around to painting on the stripes.

 As you may remember we have been doing the prep-work to paint the outside for some time now, however the weather just would not cooperate for the final step of painting. Well low and behold, the weather here in OKC took a nice turn for the better and we were able to start. It took a few days but it's finally finished, it's not perfect but it's not bad for a couple amateurs!!! It looks so much better than those old faded stripes.

The other great news is we have a bouncing new grandson to spoil and we have been spending what time we can with him, he's just the cutest thing!!! Sorry, no pictures, mom and dad are very private and asked that none be posted. They have their reasons and we agree 100%, so you'll just have to take our word for it, he's a hansom boy.

We are finally done with all our projects for now and will be leaving for the Fleetwood Factory Service Center in IN. on the 25th. There may not be much to post until we leave, but if there is you'll be the first to know. So until next time.................................................


  1. Your MH looks terrific, you did a great job. I foresee a new career to support you FT life.

    And congrats on the new little guy. I'm sure he's cute, you're a man of your word! ;c)