Friday, August 28, 2015

Headed to Indiana

 After a couple of delays we started our journey towards the Fleetwood Factory Service Center in Decatur Indiana. First stop was Carthage, MO. and the Big Red Barn RV Park. We had stayed here before and it's just the right drive from OKC, We got a nice wooded site and quiet at night, what more could we ask for, plus the give a 30% Military discount, can't beat that.

 This morning we woke up and got going early (ok, not that early) we wanted to head over to Colaws RV Salvage as they were holding a rear wheel cover for us. We made it in, they still had it on hold for us, so a quick test fit and it was sold!!! You may remember we lost one on a rather bumpy Texas road on our way down to Corpus Christi last year.

 We were lucky they had one as they tell us they go very fast when they get them in. I guess these Ford Chassis just cant seem to hold on to their tire wheel covers??? Sheryl also had a heyday running around the store and picking up a few honeydoo's for me to do later, what a gal!!! After an hour or so at Colaws (it's like an RV candy store) we decided to make it an international day and set our sites on Cuba, Cuba MO that is.

We found a nice Passport America park as we rolled into Cuba. After two days on the road, we decided to take a little break and stay for two nights (I know it's tough being retired) Sheryl wanted to explore a quaint little off the beaten path town and this will give us the chance to do so. Route 66 runs through Cuba and is supposed to be one of the highlights of the town, so we'll see tomorrow.
Until then, take care and check back later to see what we found.................................

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  1. Good luck with the factory service, that's the best way to get things done right the first time! :c)