Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Visiting the Grandbabies

 We left Lawton and Ft Sill bright early Saturday morning and made it into the DFW area a few hours later. Even then the heat penetrated the rig and we had to run the generator and A/C the whole way here, first time we have ever had to do that. It did help with setting up as the rig cooled down that much faster. We have been here in the DFW area for a few days to visit our little grand kids and of course mom and dad. Even though they are little, they are not so little for their age, man they grow them big here in Texas, must be something in the water!!! It sure was nice spending time with them playing and just getting in a good visit as it may be a while before we are able to see them again.

On another note, the new grandbaby we have been waiting for in OKC made an early arrival. He wasn't due till the 1st, but decided he had, had enough, and made his appearance Sunday evening. So we missed the birth by a few days. Oh well that will give mom and dad a day or two at home before we get there. We head out today (Tuesday) for OKC where we will hang out for a couple of weeks to see the new little one and then start making our way up to Indiana.
Ok, that's it for now, time to get ready to hit the road...................................


  1. Everything is bigger in Texas, including grand kids! Have a great time spoiling them, it's what grandparents are supposed to do! :c)

    1. That was the plan and then leave them with the parents to deal with the fallout!!!.......lol