Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Slide Out Blues Get Even Bluer

Finally got the call and the official estimate, hold on to you hat!!! $4500.00 and that's if all goes well. Considerably more than we were expecting, we came to terms with spending 2-3K, but 4-5k, That's well beyond what we are comfortable spending, so it looks like we'll just be pulling in the slide during rain storms for a while. We have also begun thinking about biting the bullet and getting another rig. Just have to figure if doubling our current payment is worth it. What ever we did buy it would be our forever rig and by the time it was paid for, it would be time to start looking at an exit plan. We would still keep it as a home and look for a semi permanent site for it, hard to believe how fast age creeps up on you!!!
So long story short, not fixing it and looking at getting something else. Good thing is we're in no hurry and can take our time looking....................Take Care and see ya soon.


  1. I think a second opinion is in order. Any chance of making a trip to the factory service center?

  2. A second opinion is definitely in order even if you have to go to another area to have it done. It's sounding like that company figures they have you on the hook but they forget you can take your business elsewhere. The money loss of trading in your present unit would really hit you hard in the pocket book.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. The factory service center was not in our travel plans, but is an idea. We're in no hurry to trade so a second opinion will be in order when we run across the right place.