Friday, July 17, 2015

Slide Out Second Opinion

First off, Thanks Paul and Rick for suggesting the Factory Service Center and a second opinion. I contacted Fleetwood's Service Center via their "Request a Quote" web page. Message said it would take 3-5 business days for an answer, so I was quite surprised to see an email from them in my inbox this morning. I opened the email and got ready for the sure to come bad news, well to say the least, I about fell out my chair when the est came back as a little over $500.00!!!. I figured there had to be some mistake as that's a big $4000 difference, so I gave them a call just to be sure. I talked directly with the service guy who did the estimate, explained what they told me here in OKC, explained the leak we were having, ete, etc. He said he went back and talked to the tech's that would be doing the repair and they said it's an easy 4 hour fix with no need to pull the slide from the rig. So it looks like we'll be headed to Indiana for our Sep 2nd appointment!!!
Wow, what a relief, we can get it fixed and not break the bank! Paul and Rick I own you guys a drink should we catch up sometime on the road!!!
We are taking off tomorrow for about a week and a half, just to get out of OKC for a bit, then be back here around the first for the arrival of our new grandbaby! Happy Grand Parents!!!
That's it for now and we'll see back here again...................

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  1. That is some wonderful news! I'm just glad when you got the news that you didn't fall out of your chair and hurt your already problematic back! :c)

    You don't own me a cold one, friends look out for friends.