Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Slide Out Blues

Well, Thursday came and went, we had to cancel our appointment with the repair shop as something came up. We did however reschedule for Monday and were there bright and early for them to take a look at it. A few hours later and the bad new came (half expected), the slide needs new inner seals, which consist of dismantling the inside of the slide and removing it from the motorhome. New seals could then be installed and the slide put back in, all to the tune of $2000-$3000, OUCH!!! We are still waiting for the official estimate, but that's what it's looking like and probably more on the higher side of that. Ok, well, darn and after the initial shock wore off, what has to be done has to be done and as long as they don't come back with some other outrageous figure, we'll have the work done. The parts will take around 10 days or so to come in and then we can schedule an appointment, once started we are looking at being homeless for 3-4 days, again DARN IT!!!
That is a big chunk of change, but it is our home and needs to be fixed. We could let it go and just pull the slide in each time it rains, but of course that's a pain and then pawn it off on new owner when we trade it in one day, but we couldn't do that in good conscious. So now it just a matter of waiting and getting done. We are going to try and head out for a couple of weeks at the end of this week, by that time she should be ready to go in the shop.
Just another quick update and we'll see you back here again, Take Care.

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