Friday, June 20, 2014

Life around the Famcamp or lack there of it.

 Life here at the Tinker AFB Famcamp has been unusually quiet for this time of year, compared to past ones. Just a couple of us that are here for a few weeks or longer and the occasional one or two nighter. We were taking to the Camp Host and she was saying, last years tornados that hit the OKC area really scared people off, with most of them saying they will not return here during the spring/summer tornado season. However we have been enjoying the empty park, not so much traffic or noise, just peace and quiet. Yesterday a gentleman came in with this very cool 1982 Airstream Motorhome. One of those classic RV's you don't see very often. He just started his fulltime adventure in it and wants to pick our brains about the lifestyle (not that there's much to pick) since we've been doing it for a few years now.

Sheryl has been getting in all the grand baby time she can, in between appointments and getting things done. Little Ellie is 3 months old now, growing like a weed and beginning to develop her own little personality, quite the cutie she is.

We do have a few more things going on and to take care of while we here, but we are looking forward to getting back to travelling. We've decided to head towards Colorado for the next couple of months in what may be a feeble attempt to beat the summer heat up at higher elevations. Seems with the climate changes, even the normally cooler areas are getting hotter, same as the normally warm wintering areas are getting cooler, but we'll give it a whirl, if nothing else it'll be beautiful scenery.

The Tinker AFB Airshow is this weekend so we're going to stay put here in the park as the rest of the base may be a mad house. So until next time, take care and we'll see you right back here.........

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