Thursday, June 12, 2014

Topeka Wedding

 We have been without or had very slow internet service this last week while here in the farmland of NE Kansas. That being said it was kinda nice. We arrived at our home for the week, the Brides house and driveway boondocked for the week. The view we had was nice, peaceful and very quiet, especially at night. We arrived a few days early to help out with getting the wedding set up and to visit with everyone as they came in.

 In between all the hustle and bustle, this was our hangout. The house in the distant is the closest neighbor and at night you can only see two lights any where you look.

 The wedding went off without a hitch, just as all brides like them to go. Breanna was beautiful as you would expect and the wedding party made for some nice pictures.

 The ceremony was Catholic, which was an experience for us as Sheryl and I had never seen one. They are much more elaborate and longer than other religions we had been to.

 They were married and one their way to the reception, after more pictures were taken of course.

 The couples first dance
 Sheryl as able to catch up with her siblings, Carol, George and Curtis.

 Everyone had a good time, both the kids and adults danced the night away.

We are back in OKC now after a quick stop for the nigh in Wichita. We both have a couple of check up appointments to attend to, so we'll be in town here for a couple of weeks. After that, where to, we haven't decided yet so we'll cross that bridge when the time comes.
Just a quick update on our time in NE Kansas and the wedding, so until next time, we'll see you back here soon...................


  1. Impressive how Sheryl could dance and not spill a drop of her drink! :c)