Sunday, September 22, 2013

Keeper of the Plains, Wichita, KS.

 In downtown Wichita, spanning the Arkansas River, is the Keeper of the Plains Monument and Footbridge. Each evening the monument lights up with fire from several cauldrons placed around the statue making for a pretty spectacular sight. Last night I took a ride downtown to capture the event and work on my night photography.

The monument area is quite impressive, two foot bridges span both the Arkansas and Little Arkansas rivers at their confluence. In the middle is a display of the plains Indians.

Friday, we took a little day trip back down to OKC for a doctors appointment, but in true Lehmann fashion we had the time mixed up and missed the appointment. Lucky for us it was only a routine exam that could be rescheduled. All was not lost as Sheryl was able to have her hair done by her favorite stylist. Scrappy also had his hair cut as he was looking a little scruffy. We also managed to wrangle some of our kids together and meet for dinner. It turned out to be long day as we didn't get back too Wichita till close to midnight, but a good day out all in all.
 The bad news in all of this, is Sheryl managed to catch a cold during our time out, so she is feeling miserable and trying her darnedest to recuperate on the couch. With any luck I can avoid catching it also, so until we meet again.......................see you then!!!  

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