Friday, September 13, 2013

Duck, Duck, Ducky???

Here in the RV park, we ran across something you don't see everyday. Our neighbor has a pet duck, yes, that's right, a pet duck. We hardly ever see them out , so when we did, we just had to inquire about the ducky as we call him. First as you can see, Scrappy is fascinated with the duck, each time we go out for a walk, we ask Scrappy where's the ducky? He get's so excited and takes us right over to the little pen where they check each other out. Ok, back to the story, The husband is getting ready to retire from the Air Force, so they bought a travel trailer for the transition. While they still had their house, each of the kids got to pick out a duckling (4) with the intent to raise them for a bit and then release them to a pond with other ducks. 2 were successfully released, 1 passed away and our little friend just wanted nothing to do with being released and wouldn't leave them. So here they are at the RV Park, they attempted to release him again in the pond here, however...............while swimming in the pond something bit his foot, out of the water he came and back to the RV he proceeded refusing to go back to the pond and is now afraid of Yes, you read that correct, a duck that's afraid of the water, we just thought that was hilarious!!! So in the, we thought we'd seen it all department, we were proven wrong!
Other than the duck saga, we have been visiting Sheryl's sick aunt as we can, helping get her affairs in order and just keeping her company. We are here for another week or so, then we;ll be off to SW Kansas, as here aunt will be transferring to a facility closer to her home. We'll help get her settled in and then be off to points unknown for a bit before we have to return to SW Kansas to put her to rest. A bittersweet time in our life, as we were happy to be given the all clear to travel and travel we did, but needing to handle the issues here at hand.
That's it for now and until we stumble across the next interesting thing to come our way, we'll see you back here before long!!!

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  1. Can't say we've ever seen a pet duck. Too funny!

    It's nice of you to travel when and where needed to help out with Sheryl's aunt. And nice that your wheels allow you that flexibility.