Friday, December 21, 2012

Snuggie's for Dogs???

Whats better than curling up on a nice cold morning, than curling up in a nice warm Snuggie. So, why shouldn't Scrappy beable to do the same thing.....well, now he can, with his new nice warm Snuggie!!! Yes, believe it or not, the make a Snuggie for Dogs and we just happen to find one at the Thrift Store here on base. First thing we did was laugh our heads off when we saw it, then it was, we so have to get this for Scrappy!!! Of course this time we didn't go to the Thrift Store just for Scrappy, we actually went to see if they had and cute work out clothes for Sheryl, and they did! Surprisingly, we found 3 almost new workout sets, and I found some nice long sleeve shirts to help with these cold winter days. So $30.00 and 4 bags of clothes later we headed home. We have found that Thrift Stores on Military Bases and in general are really good bargins and we hit them up when we can.
Ok, now for a little back story on the recent Scrappy Doo and his new duds posts. For those of you who didn't know, I was a Police Dog Trainer for 24 years in the Air Force. Working with large macho dogs and their handlers, little dogs were always thought of with.....lets just say not a lot of respect and dressing one up, get the point. Fast forward several years after my retirement and enter Scrappy Doo into our lives, he has stole our hearts and I never thought a little dog could do that for me. With the weather changing we couldn't bare to watch out little guy shiver, and of course just how cute he looks in his little coat and Snuggie. He is just a ray of sunshine for us and has turned out to be a great travelling companion for us.
Ok, take care for now and see ya next time.

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