Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas


 A string of lights here, a little Christmas Tree there and our little home is getting in the Christmas spirit. This year we wanted something a little more cheerful, so we ditched the ole standard green tree for a lively little white one. The tree now matches our little snow couple we got during our first Christmas together, because it reminded us of us :)

This year we were also given another little snowman (Sheryl loves Snowmen) by her sister in law, so he now stands guard over the computer, ensuring only nice things are said over
The outside of the rig, well that's a different story, we would love to give it a little Christmas cheer, however with winds here in OKC, we're afraid they wouldn't last long, so they'll have to wait for another year.
So that's our little home all decorated for the holidays, all our Christmas Careds have been mailed out, so now it's just enjoying the season and await that magical day that is Christmas. Happy Holidays All!!!

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