Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scrappy's Cool Weather Duds

 With Scrappy's recent haircut, the weather has has not cooperated to keep him warm, so drastic measures were in order! Hmmm a puppy sweater or coat should do the off to PetSmart we went. Well, to say the least, sticker shock, holy cow, little puppy gear is expensive. Being the ever thrifty person I am, I said what the heck and stopped by the thrift store on base, and what do you know, they had two brand new puppy jackets just sitting there on the shelf. So I scooped up the little boy Jacket and it fits just fine, and now Scrappy is a warm Happy Puppy!!!

Here is Scrappy getting into the Holiday spirit, sporting his new Holiday bandanna.

Happy Holiday's everyone!!!, we are also getting into the holiday spirit and working on decorating the rig. I post pics in the next day or so, until then Keep Lovin Your Life as we do Ours!!! 

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