Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Little Roof Maintenance

As with most older RV's and even some newer, caulking around roof opening and seams, just wears out over time and begins to crack. These cracks let water in, which is never a good thing and keeping them filled with new caulk can be a never ending battle. Our motorhome is no exception, I did manage to stem the tide of the leaky roof for a bit, but needed a more permanent solution....enter Eternabond. After much research and forum searching, the clear winner for a more permanent solution was Eternabond Tape. I ordered a roll 4"x50' from Best Materials and it arrived with in a few days. The next day it was up on the roof and begin the process of seam sealing. My major headaches we the shower skylight and the bathroom vent, so those were done first. Since they are pretty small items to do, they were a good place to start. I must say the Eternabond tape was very easy to work with, much easier than the Dicor tape sold at Camping world for more than twice the price. Now just need to finish the rest of the seams.
I'm pleased at how it turned out, but only time and a few rain storms will tell how well it holds and seals. I had used the Dicor tape on our previous 5th wheel and it held up very well.
Next major project is a new water heater, I had been suspecting a leak, but finally tracked it down to the water heater. Now the dilemma, spend $350.00 on a new unit and install it myself or spend the $500.00 deductible and let someone else do it. I have replaced them before in our travel trailer and it's really not that hard, so may just do it myself.
The Extended Service Plan with the Good Sam Club seems to be very comprehensive, however the large deductible tends to keep you from using it as much as you may want to. Think it's time to start looking at other options.
Ok, another day in the life down, we'll see you fine folks back here again soon!!!  

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  1. I admire your confidence and envy the luxury of time that you have to fix the roof yourself. I suggest that you do a regular maintenance and checking for your roof. Hope you have a cost and energy-efficient roof as well. Keep safe! -Bronwyn Hass