Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mods-Part Two

 In this post I'll cover some of the more minor mods we had done, since the two major ones were cover last time. Some time ago, we had lost a lot of our exhaust pipe due to rust. This is one thing that has been bugging since we lost it, however finding a muffler shop that a) you can get a big rig into and b) at a reasonable cost and c) the time to pack up your house to have it done, here in OKC can be a challenge. So I asked Tim our RV tech if it was something he could do, and of course, no problem, so here we are with a custom fit shiny new exhaust pipe from the muffler back.

 A smaller and yet very convenient item I handled myself was installing a shelf in our large cargo bay. We carry 4 chairs-2 recliners and 2 rockers, stuffing them in the bay took up all the room and had to be crammed in. With the shelf in place, the recliners fit nicely on top and the rockers fit just as nice in the bottom part, with easy access to both. A small thing that makes life just a little easier.

Another item we had been putting off were tire covers, we didn't want to buy new ones just to have to turn around and buy another set, had we bought a new rig with larger tires. We found these at Camping World for just a few more dollars than the white ones, the brown and tan matches our rig much better and of course keeps the sun off of them.
Another job we had Tim take care of was restringing some (ok most all) of our blinds. I guess at 14 years the Day/Night shade blind strings couldn't take it any longer and all seemed to break at the same time. So, 7 blinds later, it's nice to be able to open them all for fresh air and the view.
Last year, I had picked up a mini frig that fits in one of the cargo bays, how ever to get power I've had to run an extension cord out of the bay and into the outer 110 receptacle. While Tim was modifying the elec, I asked if he could also put in a outlet in the bay so I could just plug the frig in there. Of course you know the answer by now. We have a nice new 4 plug outlet in the bay, no more wires sticking out so I can just plug it in and forget it, ahhhhh nice cold drinks with half the hassle.
There is one last thing we had him do, but I'll save that for next time as it goes hand in hand with a DIY project we are finishing up, so on that note, stay tuned........................................

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