Thursday, February 6, 2014

Storm After Storm After Storm

 Wow, it seems I have been neglecting the blog lately, so we'l do a quick catch up. After leaving Sanford Florida, we made a strait shot into the panhandle area and Crestview/Eglin AFB.We stayed for a few days at the Eglin AFB Famcamp while visiting friends and family in the area, it was good to see everyone again and catch up. Our future plans were to make our way towards the Austin, TX area, however, the weather seemed to have different plans for us. With the weather changing rapidly for he worst, we thought we'd stay put here in North Florida for a bit. We did decided to move on over to NAS Pensacola for a few days, figured we would at least be heading in the right direction and just for a change of scenery if nothing else.

 Well, those couple of days, turned into a week and what a week it was. Like most of the country we were caught up in the winter storms and the ice storm that wreaked havoc on the south. The storms just seem to keep coming one after the other, if not here, they were in the area we were wanting to go. While sitting tight in Pensacola, we did get a good dusting of snow and a really good bit of freezing rain and ice. In the picture above, thats a 10 foot ice laden branch that fell from the tree above our rig and landed 8 feet away. Earlier, I had moved the Jeep out from under the trees and parked in a clearing, thank goodness I did, as anothe ice laden branch fell right where it was parked, talk about dodging a couple of bullets, we did!!!

 After a few days being cooped up in the RV, the weather had finally cleared, so it was time to shed some cabin fever. We took a ride over to the Gulf Islands National SeaShore and Ft Pickens. The part of the seashore we visited are the barrier islands directly across the bay from Pensacola.

 Ft Pickens is on of three Civil War Forts that were constructed to protect Pensacola Bay and the Naval Shipyard there. The Fort was also used during WWII as a look out and defensive position just in case.

 On of the WWII gun emplacements standing watch over the Gulf of Mexico.

 After a couple hours at Ft Pickens, the weather started to change for the worst again, so it was time to get back home to the rig. Tomorrow we head west as far as we could.

And west we headed, making it as far as south central Louisiana. We stopped in Henderson, LA and the Cajun Palms RV Resort, which was recommended bay a friend in Pensacola. Now you know how loosely the term resort is used in the RV Park world, well we can honestly say, this is a true Resort. On top of being very well maintained with paved roads and all concrete pads, there is a large clubhouse, general store, pool, putt putt golf course and even high dollar fully covered RV Spaces. By far the nicest RV Park we have ever been in.

Of course when in Southern Louisiana you have to do Cajon food. Right next to the RV Park was this gem (again recommended) Crawfish Town USA, so Sheryl and I gave it a try. All we can say is Wow, what a great place and great food, and they will even pick you up at the RV Park. So without going on and on about the place, we'll just say, if you are in the area and want some great Cajun Food, you have to try this place, heck it was good enough we went back a second time before we left.
Speaking of leaving, we ended up staying a few more days here and the weather again turned pretty bad, why drive in it if you don't have to right? We did however finally leave and have made it to Shreveport, LA and the Barksdale AF Famcamp. This is just an overnight stay, for tomorrow we;ll go into Dallas to visit our daughter and son in law and of course grandson Easton!!!. We'll be staying there through the weekend before going up into the bitter cold north of Oklahoma.
Whew........were all caught up now, just the down and dirty. Kinda odd all the RV Parks since we left Sanford and had no or very poor WiFi, hence one excuse for being lazy about the blog. Another excuse is Facebook, it's so easy to post a quick update as it's happening, makes it easy to forget to put it here. Ahhh the worries us fulltimers have, ok that's enough rambling for now, and we'll see you in Dallas next.


  1. Too bad you had to leave Key West. Winter weather is no fun, especially in an RV. Ask me how I know. ;c)

    1. I hear ya. Our black tank froze solid, took the better part of a week to get un done.