Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Chris

 This week we've been on Dallas visiting our kids, Chris, Kayla and of course our grandson Easton. As usual when we get to visiting, pictures just seem to go by the wayside, so we'll start with the one above. We were only going to stay a couple of days, but since it was soon to be Chris's birthday, we decided to stay and help celebrate it. One thing Kayla had planned for him was a Dallas Stars Pro Hockey Game.

 It was quite a game and experience as we have never been to a professional sporting event before.

After the game, it was home to birthday cake and a little relaxing before heading back to the RV. Now for the sad part, Sheryl and I woke up the next morning feeling terrible, we don't know where we caught it but a stomach bug was in full force. I called the kids to see if they were ok and of course they were just fine. So I guess we are just getting old, since we were with the kids all day and ate the same food, getting older sucks...lol.
Today we are finally getting over it and have plans to leave for OKC in the morning as long as the weather clears. We have been trying to make it up to OKC for the birth of our newest grandbaby, but it seems as if Mother Nature has different plans for us. Each time we want to start that way, another winter storm blows our way. So hopefully we'll make it up there tomorrow, we're cutting close as she's just about to pop!
Until then, we'll see you next time.


  1. So you admit you're the person responsible for these winter storms? ;c)