Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Downtown Liberal, KS

 Went into downtown Liberal, KS to do a little sightseeing yesterday. It's your standard small Midwestern town, but was able to find a couple of interesting buildings. Above is the old restored Train Station.

 Crane Train Display
It hard to see, but the colored panels on this building were really interesting. The sun was terrible for pictures but you get the idea.
Looks like we'll be hanging around Southwest Kansas a little longer than we had hoped. Sheryl's sick Aunt is having some issues that we need to help take care of. We had talked about taking a little break and going over to Colorado Springs, but the expense wouldn't be worth the trip right now, so we'll stick a little closer and maybe travel around here a bit more. There's still a couple of more sights to see in town to keep us busy to stay tuned for more fun and excitement from Liberal Kansas....lol

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