Friday, November 18, 2016

New Carpet for the Motorhome

 Sheryl has been wanting new carpet in the motorhome for as long as we've had it, so, after much research and searching for installers that were at least somewhat reasonable, we finally had it done.
One thing we found in our search was, RV dealers and RV Renovators charge a crazy amount of money to lay new carpet in an RV. So with those options off the table she started looking and calling regular home carpet dealers, most all of which had never done or didn't do RV's. While here in Huntsville, she continued her search and with a call to the local Carpet One store, they said they could do it. We took a drive over to the store and talked with the manager who told us they do and have done several RV's. We looked at different carpets and talked pricing (material and install) and it didn't sound to bad, but of course he couldn't give a final price with out coming out to the rig, take some measurements and look at the work involved. He came out the next day with a few samples that we had picked out in the store, figured out the square footage and came up with a price. Well, of course it was more than I wanted to spend (Mr Cheapscape here) but much much lower than the RV specialty places (go figure). We mad the deal and set up an install date for yesterday.

 We arrived bright and early at the shop and they went right to work. Now I must admit, being the skeptic that I am, I was worried about how good a job they were going to do. However after talking to and watching the installers I was more than confident they would do a good job, I was surprised that that actually removed the couch, bed frame and captain chairs as well as being very detailed in their work. Sheryl and I were highly pleased and our fears reduced.

  We spent the day out and about around town, so we would stay out of their hair, however it still took almost 11 hours. We could only kill so much time in town, so it was back to the store, pulled out the camp chairs, made a couple drinks and just watched the show.

The finished product!!! Can't really tell much in pictures, but it is much nicer than the old worn out carpet. We picked a good quality carpet, not the most expensive but still very nice. The guys did a great job and we have nothing but good to say about our experience here. So if your looking to have new flooring put in your rig, just do your research, take your time and find the right folks, We're glad we did.

The next project on the list and final servicing for this year was the generator. We were going to have it serviced at the Onan Service Center while we were having the engine serviced, but they quoted us a more than crazy price for the service. We waited, since we knew we wouldn't need the generator until Key West, to find some place a little more reasonable. Since we were going to be here in Huntsville for a month, I contacted the local motorhome dealer and got a quote more inline with what I understand most folks pay. I made an appointment for today and had it done. We were going to find someplace in Florida to have it done, but it worked out for the better and now we don't have to worry about it.

Ok, this is the last post from Huntsville, tomorrow we head to our daughter new home in Atlanta to spend Thanksgiving. We will be there a week, then we'll be making a beeline for Key West.

That's all the news that's fit to print for now, so we'll see you next time from Atlanta GA. 


  1. The carpet looks great and the guys did a good job.
    You probably won't like the night time lows of 70 F in the Keys though. Making me jealous.
    We're just waiting for some deliveries before going to Arizona. We have another freeze warning for the night.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I know, 70's are pushing it a bit for Safe travels to AZ.

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