Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lynchburg, TN

 Week three here in Huntsville has been pretty much the same as the last two, with a couple of exceptions. The first one was working on a major renovation to the motorhome which should be completed tomorrow, so you'll just have to be left in suspense until next time. Next was a trip to Lynchburg, TN and to tour the Jack Danial's Distillery. Lynchburg is about an hour north of Huntsville and a nice drive through the back roads. Now, I've been to the distillery about 15 years ago and even though I'm not a whisky drinker, I really enjoyed seeing how it was made (still pretty old school) and thought Sheryl would enjoy the tour. We arrived around 11:00 and wow what a surprise, once a cool old place to visit has now become a full blown tourist trap, Visitors Center, tour buses the works!!! Even the once free tours our now highly priced.....we were very disappointed, so much so we decided to forgo the tour and just check out the town. Luckily, the town itself hasn't changed much except maybe a few more shops, but still quite quaint. We enjoyed one of the best lunches we've had in a long while at the bakery/cafe and just walked around taking it all in.

A few shots from around town.

The town, also being the county seat, has an old Jail turned Museum. A very interesting place built in the early 1800s and was still in use until 1990. The only reason the shut it down was due to an attempted break out. Seems a fire was set under the building in hopes the prisoners would be evacuated and thus aid the escape. It was foiled by the Sheriffs little girl when she felt the wood floor getting hot, the fire was discovered and promptly put out. Being it was built so long ago, you could imagine it was not the place you wanted to go for any length of time, only 4 cells (2 men, 2 women's). It even seems Jessy James spent alittle time in the pokey, he sure did get around.

After a couple hours we headed back home, all was not a wash as we really enjoyed our time there. That's been our week, stay tuned for the big reveal in a couple of days. Ok, it's big for, until then.............................

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  1. We were there last month and I can assure that the price for the tour is well worth the cost.