Thursday, April 7, 2016

Animal Life in Everglades National Park

 Now, Everglades National Park is well known for it's abundant animal life, however finding that life and photographing it can be easier said then done. Luck seemed to play a big part in being able to find what I did, I could go back to the same area every day and only see a certain animal once the entire week. I was pretty happy with what I did capture and since pictures speak louder than words...........hope you enjoy the shots.

 American Crocodile

 Manatee Feeding

 Found this little guy in a seed pod.

 Colorful Bird


 Crazy eyed bird

 Sneaking under the boardwalk

 Birds in love nesting together


 Dragonfly, kept coming back to this one stick for me

The only good sunset in six days

Now I'm all caught up from the Everglades. We headed out to spend some time with our son and his family in the Miami area. We had a great visit and fulltiming has sure allowed us to see them more than we would have, had we retired to a normal home. It's a great life, but family emergencies still happen and Sheryl had to fly back to OKC to help out her daughter as she was having emergency back surgery. So, that leaves me flying solo and making my way back to OKC, however I won't be rushing right back as there is not much I can do. So until next time................................... 

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