Monday, January 11, 2016

Wounded Warrior Soldier Ride through the Florida Keys

 Yesterday (Sunday) Sheryl and I, along with some other folks from the RV Park had the honor of cheering on a group of Wounder Warriors during their ride though the Florida Keys. The RV Park provided transportation to a spot along the route (US 1) Where we cheered the riders as they went by. I must say we were pleasantly surprised at how grateful the riders were for our support.

 All toll there were about 30 riders with varying degrees of disabilities.

 I believe this event lasted 4 days with the ride beginning in the upper Keys and ending here in Key West. The event is held by the Wounded Warrior Project and helps promote healing through cycling.

It was a great time seeing these men and women out enjoying life and we were proud to be out supporting them.
Another fun event that we were able to be a part of here, and it seems there's always something going on at the park or downtown to keep us busy. Of course in between our busy schedule there's plenty of time for relaxing and just enjoying the tropical weather.....ahhhhhh. So until next time..........................