Thursday, January 7, 2016

First Week of the New Year

 New Years Day has come and gone now and Sheryl did find a nice relaxing way to recover from our New Years Eve celebration, and yes we actually made it till midnight! Since then it's been pretty much life as usual here in the keys, enjoying the nice weather, our two weeks worth of full hook ups and spending time out with friends and just ourselves.

 Speaking of which, one night we decided to go out and do a Happy Hour Bar Run for dinner. We hit three different places and a couple of items from the specials menu at each, along with a few drinks of course. We also got a chance to meet and talk with several different folks along the way.

 On our final stop of the night, we took in Sloppy Joe's, where there's is always great music playing. The place was packed, so we asked a couple with two extra chair if we could sit with them, turns out they were RVers also and down here for the Winter. We had a great night out.

 The weather here hasn't been all sunshine and 80 degrees, we finally had a nice cold front move in and cool us all the way down to 70! Ahhhh life in the Keys.............

 A couple days after our night out, some of our friends wanted to do the same thing, so we were off again. We only hit two places this night, with a final stop at a Gelato Shop. I turned Sheryl on to Gelato when we went out and now she's hooked, cant say I blame her, that stuff is good!

One minor inconvenience about being in Key West is the lack of Over the Air TV, well there's none actually. Sheryl held out for a month before her withdrawals got the best of her, enter Dish Network and their Tailgator Sat Dish. Now we will have TV everywhere we go. It hasn't been a real big issue, but we do travel to places where reception is pretty poor.
Other than that, not much else is going on, just hanging out and enjoying life............................take care and we'l see you next time.


  1. Sounds like you two are becoming a couple of Kiwis (Key Westers). LOL!
    We are going to have to get satellite when we go Fulltime.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!.

  2. We have satellite TV and never use the over the air hookups.

    The Keys just keep getting better and better, don't they? :c)

  3. Key West, what a wonderful place to be FROM. We left Key West after 30 years to full time. After such a long time there we cant say we really miss it too much, except the weather. Glad you enjoyed it.
    Ed & Sandy

    1. I can understand that, but you just can't beat the weather this time of the year.