Friday, April 3, 2015

A Project and an Issue

 First, the Project and a self inflicted one may I say. We have decided to remove our old, faded and cracking vinyl stripes from the motorhome and repaint them on. They are looking pretty rough and it's really making the motorhome look bad. We looked into having it done, but re-stripeing and or painting is in the several thousand dollar range and that is just a bit cost prohibitive. Especially when we don't know if we are going to trade her in before long or not.

 I got the idea from a gentleman that came through the park last year when we were here. He had done a DIY job on his coach and it turned out pretty good. He stripped of the old stripes, taped the shadows and painted them back on, all using products from Auto Zone.

 So, I'm giving a whirl, heck for about 100.00 and a little bit of elbow grease (I'm retired, what else am I doing) we'll hopefully have a much better looking rig before long. Oh and if it turns out bad, I can always strip the paint off and go from there. Most anything will look better than it is now. So wish me luck!!!

Second is a non-self inflicted issue (dang it). Seems during last weeks storms (while we were in the Tornado Shelter) a nice gust of wind can along, unfurled the awning and gave it a nice rip right at the metal cover. There is also a small rip at the other end, as well as a broken locking pin on the one arm. Of course, I found this out the other day when I went to put the awning out. Looks like a call to the insurance company and my RV guy to see what can be done.
Not a lot of sight seeing going on, just staying busy with projects and doctor appointments. I'll keep the blog up dated with how the paint job comes along. Next step will be to remove the left over adhesive on the rig.
So, until next time.................................

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  1. Ugh, awnings sure can cause lots of headache$$$. :c(