Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Luck Was on Our Side

 We left San Antonio on Sunday as planned, for the short  trip up to Austin. We arrived in Austin (Buda) and the only RV Park in town was full so we decided to Dry Dock in the Cabela's Parking Lot for the night. We were there to visit Sheryl's brother, so I went out to unhook the Jeep and found this..................

The top picture looks pretty normal, however, looking closer, we found the pin holding the the tow bar to the Jeep was almost out. How in the heck did that happen we wondered???? Well come to find out one of us forgot to close the safety pin locking the main pin in. Somehow the safety pin worked it's way out and then the main pin started to work it's way to the side and eventually out. Had that happened the Jeep would have come loose from the tow bar on one side causing major damage if not an accident!!!
The reason for this post is to remind everyone reading and myself to double check everything before departure, especially your safety gear. Sheryl and I most always double check each other, however for some reason we didn't this time and a catastrophe almost happened. Thank goodness someone was looking out for us!!!
We had a good visit with Sheryl's Brother and are now in Dallas to visiting our daughter and newest Grandson before heading back to OKC for a bit.
That's all for now, and until next time............................................


  1. Wow, close call! Glad nothing happened. When I hook up my toad, I look over all the pins and connections, then walk around my toad, inspect the tires, then re-look at my hook up from the other side. Plus I always double check at any place we stop for lunch or fuel.

    Can't be too careful. Not good if your toad passes you on the highway... ;c)

  2. Glad to think someone was looking out for you. Hate to think what could have happened in a few more miles.
    Some people actually make a step by step check list to remind themselves what to do when hooking up.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Sheryl and I usually double check eah other, this is the one time we didn't. Lesson learned!!!